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Come visit us at DoneRight, Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia


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  1. My girlfriend and I are planning to travel around asia. We arrive mid januari.

    How is the work going? Are you guys ready, if not at which part of the project will you be mid januari to mid februari?

    We are both experienced. She in permaculture me more in construction.

    I never been involved in the building of an earthship and would love to get some experience.



  2. Hello,

    My name is Clare and I am very interested in volunteering for your Earthship project. I was wondering whether you had any spaces left or whether they have all been filled?

    I am a hard worker and enjoy the outcomes of physical labour. I have a degree in Environmental Geography and a keen interest in sustainable construction. I would be available to labour for the whole duration of the construction project.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Clare Kelly

  3. Hi there (Sammy??),

    I’m a guy who is currently backpacking through Thailand for just under two months with aspirations to spend some of that time in Cambodia. I heard of this project through a friend of mine and can’t imagine a better way to spend some of my time than helping with this project.

    I have budgeted more than enough so I will not need any of the reduced pricing and will pay my way in full… I just want to come out and lend a hand (whether it’s digging ditches, mixing cement, hauling tires, whatever needs to be done) for a week or so towards the end of January, if possible.

    If you could just send me an email with a few travel details, where to look for decent, simple accommodations, and maybe an idea of what the work is looking like between the 19 and 26 of January, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks again and I’m really hoping I can come lend a hand!


  4. Good morning from England,

    I was sent a link to your project and it looks fantastic, I was wondering if you had plans for any other projects as I won’t be setting off on my travels for a few months but I would love to be involved. I have previously been volunteering in Peru where we built a school and a soup kitchen in the biggest shanty. I would love to come and support in whatever ways I can.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello,
      Yes, we plan on doing a series of Earthships in Cambodia and south east asia, and this is the first pilot we’re making, keep your eyes on this page, and you will be updated..

  5. Hi I would like to help you guys. I am an electrician with building skills from Australia. Do you guys need a hand and how long for? Hope to hear from you. Travis

  6. Hi my name is Nicky and I run Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society. We will be looking to build a clinic soon and I would love to use some of the ideas that you have used. We would have to rent the land but it might end up being cheaper for us to build something like you have done for consultation rooms, surgery and recovery rooms than to rent a building and modify some of it. Could you let me know if you will be in Phnom Penh some time? I would love to chat with you regarding how to get it started.

    1. Hey, That sounds cool, you are welcome to pay us a visit down here at Otres, Sihanokville, and we’ll have a chat.. I dont really spend much time in PP I’m afraid..

  7. Hi form Australia,
    My name is Fraser and i’m interested in helping out with this project. I have a bachelor degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design and have over a two years experience in Website Design, Print Design and Sign Making. I think i’m a practical person and would be an asset to a project like this. This time I’m setting off mid June and have no plans for what i’ll be doing or where I want to be in South East Asia all but plan on giving myself at least a year overseas. I’ve always wanted to work on a project like this and I’d love to hear back from you.

    You can check out some of my previous work here –
    And here –



  8. Hay Guys
    I’m in Cambodia for some time, I’d love to come down and check out the things you have been up to!
    I was recently with the Earthship Philippines, so it would be great to see your work
    I lookforward to hearing from you.

  9. this is incredible! im so happy to see 5000 bottles being utilized in such an amazing project. i collect and recycle glass from the streets, restaurants, bars every day and have a small recycling process in the back of my house. if you are ever in phnom penh, please come over and say hello, and ill show you what i got going. and we’ll empty a few kombucha bottles together. if i ever get a chance away from the city, ill have to come down and help with any project that needs me.

  10. Hello!
    I will be traveling in Southeast Asia in Dec/Jan/Feb 2014.
    I have attended the 6 week Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico and would love to come see and possibly help out on this project.

    1. I think there needs to be a happy medium. I have four kids and live in a house that is only three bedroom, one bath. That’s too small. And I feel that a fireplace in any house of that size is crippling to its fulttionanicy. Sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, but it’s an entire wall I can’t use. The thing I want most in our next house is a cellar to lock the kids in when they’re being atrocious, because it’s hard to make them run laps in the winter when there’s three feet of snow on the ground.

  11. Hi There,

    I am the Commissioning Editor of Eco Times Magazine. My team would love to put an article together showcasing your amazing Earthship and the work you do.

    We would like to recommend the very best Eco Hotels, Resorts and Homes Worldwide to our readers, and we believe your work would make a great feature.

    The feature would cover the homes Eco-Sustainability and its level of comfort, as well as tips for readers interested in in making their lives more green and minimalistic.

    We would love to get you involved at your earliest convenience and look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards,


    Commissioning Editor


  12. This is wonderful!
    Is the project still going on? I would love to come help or see what has been done.
    I am living in Otres for the next couple of months, feel free to email me back.

  13. I am at the moment at Siem Reap. :)

    My friends told me about this project, and I was very interested.. And wanted to help!
    I will drop by, when I arrive there.
    Such a good idea to reuse the materials. ;)

    See you there! ;)

  14. Hi!
    i’m interested in learning, how to build an Earthship.
    I come to Asia this year. How long will it take until your Ship is finished?
    And do you have more recent Projects?
    I would like to get an answer or usefull informations.
    Best wishes

  15. Hey guys!

    I’m looking to head back to south east Asia around March of 2016 and have wanted to help in whatever way possible with the building of an earthship!

    I don’t have any experience with building but I’m very eager to learn and get involved in sustainable building methods! So let me know if there is anything that I could be involved with and hopefully we can speak soon! If you don’t have anything happening around that time if you could point me in the direction of a project that would be fantastic :)


  16. Hi sammy,

    I’m from Vietnam and I’m an architect. I’m very excited about earthship and wonder if there is an earthship project in Vietnam.

    Waiting for your response, thanks.


  17. Hello, iam in Ortes Brach in Done Right. I samt to visite more and wish to her more information about how to build auf Earthship how can i finden YouTube knowbody knows.
    Best regards

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