First week of work

It is only the beginning of our second full week and we have already completed 7 full courses of tires, Only 2 more to go, which we expect to finish tomorrow. As we grow upwards, we are also putting a burm on the back and sides of the building to support the building, and also getting us easier access to the tyres for pounding etc.


We have installed the ventilation tubes on the third level of tyres, which will later supply us with ample ventilation through out the two rooms of the building. The tubes are running inside the burial of the building to add to the cooling effect of the burm, and run alongside the water tanks that will be supplied with water from the rain water catchers. The water will then be cycled through out the building with low energy 12V pumps.


We have been working alongside 5 local Cambodian builders, who have already mastered the craft of tire-pounding. They will now be able to use this new and inexpensive technique for themselves and others in the area, as well as teaching it to locals in other provinces.


Amidst the tire-pounding, bottle bricks are being continuous made. We have already removed 5,000 glass bottles from the dump, in addition to the 2,000 collected from local bars and restaurants. We have also received 90 kg of used cardboard paper from local bars and the local landfill, and we expect to receive heaps of used styrofoam as well, to be used as insulation in the roof.


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