Starting the work

We have now been working on site for five days, and a lot of exiting things have gotten done! To start with, we have collected a huge amount of garbage in the shape of bottles, tyres and cardboard. We’ve set up cutting stations for bottles, and to date we have cut roughly 1500 of them. We’ve also updated our tools to our needs including sledgehammers, pickaxes, hoes, sharpies, measuring tapes, hatchets, levels, and a water level using clear silicon tubing (Used to shoot in levels on the land, and also tyres).

IMG_7335 IMG_7363 IMG_7366 IMG_7385

In our garbage collecting, we have cleaned both ends of Otres Beach, and what is known as Otres Village, and we are now in contact with the village boss, who runs the garbage collection, and he will start sorting the garbage because of our project!  Additionally, all the bottles, styrofoam and cardboard will be brought our way. This is a good first step to a cleaner Cambodia, and we hope we have planted a seed in the minds of people, as a lot of the locals are keen to come and check out what we are doing!

IMG_7402 IMG_7418 IMG_7432 IMG_7434 IMG_7444

We have also adressed the potential issue of the building shifting because during rainy season the water level is just a few cm under or even over the land. So we have dug a 50cm trench under where we are putting the tyre wall, and filled it with boulders, that have then been smashed, levelled, and covered in a cement and sand mix. This will serve as a solid base with ample drainage, and we are starting to place and pound the first couple of courses of tyres tomorrow.

The production of bottle bricks continues, and we now have roughly 750 of them, and we will continue to cut, clean, dry and assemble them.

We are now 15 workers on site, including me and the more experienced crew, and our veteran Cambodian crew, with a few more on their way.

2 thoughts on “Starting the work

    1. Hey Romonet – this is such exciting information and what a wonderful place to be – I am really interested to know how you pound tyres and make the brick bottles – would you be able to explain. Hope all is going well with your studies also. love and happiness Wendy

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