Start date and sourcing

As we approach the start date, January 10th, we’ve started to look for and gather the necessary materials.  So far we have received 160 tyres and will be receiving another 200 in a week of various sizes. The tyres cost 0.5 dollars each due to the fact that they are normally turned into garbage cans or sold to Vietnam to be used as road material.


We’ve also ordered 20 trucks (40 kip – cubic meters in Khmer) of the general filling material, which will be a sandy kind of dirt, and we’ll receive more as needed.  Because we are building in a lowland area, we must have it shipped in about 2 km from the inland, where the locals want to get rid of it to lower their land, which gives them a better rice crop: win – win!

Cardboard is being bulked up from local bar suppliers, and will cost 200 riel (5 cents) per kilogram.  We’re putting that into the bottom of the tyres, and it will possibly also be used to insulate the roof between other layers of materials.

Bottles (not recycled in this country) saved and collected from local bars and restaurants are starting to pour into the building site.

Our visitors are amassing! We can now confirm that we will have a visitor from Taos, NM, two other members of Earthship Sweden, another 11 volunteers, and a flock of visitors from around the globe and from within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

As supplies are beginning to pile up the locals look at us with skepticism, but our veteran building staff just looks at it through their own experienced eyes: Where previous “crazy or unheard of” ideas worked out, this can and will too!

We have been contacted by a few media outlets, and hope to get as much coverage of this as possible, spreading the word of this great way of making sustainable homes.


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