Building an art school for kids!

Today we had another meeting with the NGO Let Us Create, who run an outreach program and arts activities for kids in Sihanoukville, And they are getting funds together, to build a brand new site, with a reception, an office building, a nursery for about 30 kids, An art school, an art studio, another class room for about 30 people, computer room, library, kitchen and eating area for 120 people etc!

Earthship Cambodia is privileged to be able to be building this fantastic creative space with them, with Earthships and Earthship related techniques and designs.

We’re doing it in two sets, one starting april 7, and running for about a month and a half, and the second one starting late September and running for about three months.

We’ll be looking for volunteers for the first session, and lots of volunteers for the second session, if you are interested, Let Us Create will soon be taking sign-ups for the second session.

If you are in south east Asia now, or soon, and want to volunteer for the first part of the build, roughly a month to a month and a half, contact us!



10 thoughts on “Building an art school for kids!

  1. Hello!

    I know I’m cutting it very fine, but my boyfriend and I would really love to get involved in your project and we will be in Sihanoukville in the next day or so. We have no time schedule so can help whenever you need it!

    I hope it’s not too late

  2. Hello. We are a couple. In is studying childcare& haswork with children certificate in Australia. I can build/fix pretty well anything and am great with kids. We plan to be in Sihanoukville in 1week and stay for 2or more was. Very keen to lend a hand. Please letus know.

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