Second Earthship Started!

We have now started to layout the foundation for the second Earthship, and started the collection of bottles, tires and other material that we will need. The building will be a combination of the Earthship school of doing things, and the world of geodesic domes. The owners (Dani and Doug from Norway) have therefore named it the Tiltship!

We’ll be working on this for the next month or so, so if you feel like doing some work and learning new things, come by! We, the 9 volunteers working on the build, all worked on the main earthship before this!

5 thoughts on “Second Earthship Started!

  1. I was a builder & contractor for 40 years sub contract renovation on old buildings upgrade complete system, electrical, water both grey & black water deposal, structural, using lots of new produces, & recycle old products makes a interesting project. Liker net zero ideas, solar, creative living. Retired & recovering from a head-on car accident.

  2. Awesome work guys! I’ll start building the first Earthship in Malaysia in June. I just got back from the windship in the Philippines. There are many projects coming soon in the Philippines and Malaysia. Let’s stay in touch and support each other.

  3. Just sent an email asking about volunteering. Very interesting project! Looking forward to visiting you! Best luck!

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