Working on finishes,

We’re moving along nicely, and have gotten pretty far with our last bits, being painting and landscaping, but here is a review of what we did last last week!


We finished the grey water planter with standpipes, a couple of ones for water in, and a couple for water out. We also have cement standpipes where the pumps will go, one for re circulation and one for pumping grey water to the toilet containers.


We also built boxes for grey water in, with a simple filter.


The walls look amazing, on this picture almost finished, just needs floating and painting.


Sidewalls being completed, with a round tyre window, the tyre is covered with rebar and cardboard, so that the tyre will pop out once the cement is hardened, and will leave the rebar in place.


We also went to Phnom Penh, to buy solar stuff, and we now have a 100w panel, a 10A controller and a 100aH sealed deep cycle battery, plus lights and cables etc, from our new friends at

More info and pictures of the finished earthship coming early next week!

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