Monthly Archives: March 2017

Learning opportunity

One of the members of Earthship Cambodia (Sammy) is moving and rebuilding his guesthouse from Otres 1 to Otres Village (Sihanoukville). DoneRight (the guesthouse) was built before we had the opportunity to go to Taos and learn from the best.

Though not a School or an NGO this time, this gives us the opportunity to spread the knowledge on how to combine earthship techniques and Cambodian construction techniques into earthship-inspired buildings.

If you’re in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and you want to build your own earthship one day, or just want to learn how to make bottle bricks, work with sandbags, water and solar electrical systems, recycled or re-used materials, this is for you.

What we offer; A shared room (in an Earthship or Earthship-inspired building) or a space to hang your hammock on the same plot (first come first serve), and two meals per work-day (lunch and dinner, vegan/vegetarian options available). We also have our own kitchen on site.

What we expect; Simple really, for you to be interested, and willing to learn, and, of course, showing up on time! We work 5 days a week, 8-11:00 and 14-17:00.

We will be working parallell with a Cambodian work crew. Previous experience with building is positive, but not required. We will supply tools, though you should have a set of decent work clothes, and pair of shoes that cover your feet.

We start the work on the 27th of March, and will be working for a couple of months. we suggest you stay for a minimum of two weeks. We have 6 spots open.

Contact us on 097 936 1441 if in Cambodia, or email us.