Monthly Archives: December 2014

Full speed ahead

We are now pretty plentiful in numbers, and we have started to work on e series of projects, the first one was a workshop and a teaching exercise for us on the island of Koh Rong. The school there is run by a series of enthusiasts under the name Friends of Koh Rong. Recently, some of the locals choose to build a series of bungalows looking over the school grounds, and FOKR decided it was time to start work on separating walls, and asked us to come over. We did, and worked for a weekend with showing FOKR and their volunteers, locals as well as foreigners how to make a wall foundation, and how to proceed to build a wall made from bottles that they collect from the local bars.


The second project we have been working on is solar power, as we have now increased our cooperation with Solar Energy Cambodia, becoming their local reseller of systems in our part of Cambodia. We have also installed a pilot system in a household half an hour outside of Kampong Trach, where power is not available. Two families can now enjoy Light, water pumps and the occasional bit of radio and TV, thus increasing their quality of life. We hope to continue to install more systems as the season progresses.



Last, but largest of our current projects we are working on the Norwegian earthship (the Tiltship), finishing of the tyre courses, and starting work on the dome-part in the next few days, come by and have a look, or help out if you wish!