Monthly Archives: May 2014

Work in progress

After a few weeks of preparations and gathering of supplies, mostly bottles and tires, the raising of the land is now complete, and we have spent the first two weeks building the first buildings of the art school, and here are some photos to show you guys what we have gotten done so far!

We started by putting all the gathered bottles in the little house that the previous owners left behind. This house will eventually be torn down and replaced, but for now, we keep our stuff there, and our cambodian crew stays there, keeping everything safe.


Let Us Create co-operate with a lot of businesses in Sihanoukville, and they use their truck to get us materials from around the city. Finally all that beer drinking makes sense ;)


We bought metal for our geodesic dome, and then measured, cut, smashed and drilled it into the four lengths required.


Once the raising of the land was complete, we assembled the geodesic dome, which is a modified (to get a straight bottom line) 3/8 th’s dome, do reduce surface area, and to get less roof height. The dome has a diameter of 8 meters.


Once the dome was put together, we marked out the spots for the supporting pillars, and went on to pour the pillars, to increase the hight, so that we can raise the interior of the house by 30cm, to be safe from flooding.


Once the pilars where done, we covered the dome in sown together rice bags, and then proceedded to cover it in chicken wire to arm the cement that will go on it. The holes are going to be windows eventually, and there is a window at the very top as well, which will give us heaps of natural light, and great air circulation.

IMG_0855 Using a silicone tube as a builders level, we measure out both finished floor level, and the starting point on the bottle bricks, we then used double bottles to build a foundation between the pillars.


At the same time as we are working on the dome, the wood frame kitchen and restaurant are taking shape, also with double bottle foundations. The building will get a second story in October, so that we can add accommodation for volunteers etc, but for now we are putting a simple roof on it.


About 20 cm above finished floor level, we are building with bottle bricks in a nice pattern all around the geodome, between the pillars, which will hopefully inspire the children to be creative.