Monthly Archives: March 2014

Building an art school for kids!

Today we had another meeting with the NGO Let Us Create, who run an outreach program and arts activities for kids in Sihanoukville, And they are getting funds together, to build a brand new site, with a reception, an office building, a nursery for about 30 kids, An art school, an art studio, another class room for about 30 people, computer room, library, kitchen and eating area for 120 people etc!

Earthship Cambodia is privileged to be able to be building this fantastic creative space with them, with Earthships and Earthship related techniques and designs.

We’re doing it in two sets, one starting april 7, and running for about a month and a half, and the second one starting late September and running for about three months.

We’ll be looking for volunteers for the first session, and lots of volunteers for the second session, if you are interested, Let Us Create will soon be taking sign-ups for the second session.

If you are in south east Asia now, or soon, and want to volunteer for the first part of the build, roughly a month to a month and a half, contact us!



Second Earthship Started!

We have now started to layout the foundation for the second Earthship, and started the collection of bottles, tires and other material that we will need. The building will be a combination of the Earthship school of doing things, and the world of geodesic domes. The owners (Dani and Doug from Norway) have therefore named it the Tiltship!

We’ll be working on this for the next month or so, so if you feel like doing some work and learning new things, come by! We, the 9 volunteers working on the build, all worked on the main earthship before this!

And so we have finished it.

As we sit in front of our creation, we smile. We smile because its now finished. We are waiting for the monks to arrive, to bless our building and the spirits of the land.


And the final product is an absolute magic and beauty,  8000 bottles were cleaned out from the beach and the streets and turned into this wall. An additional 300 + car tires, + 3000 lunch boxes and huge piles of scrap bottles and glas went into this beautiful building.


The walls have been painted, the side walls have been fixed, a solar system consisting of a 100w panel, a 10a controller and a 100aH sealed deep cycle battery is installed. The lights turn on, the pumps to the re circulation pump runs, the pump for the grey water to both bathrooms run.


The plants are in, both in the planter outside the doors, but also all around, sporting banana trees, chilli plants, lemongrass, aloe vera and a series of other food like plants.


Thank you Cambodia, we have learned so much from you and your people, and now its time to pay back! We have been contacted by a series of NGO’s, to have visits to the earthship, but also to have workshops in bottle cutting and assembly, solar power and tyre pounding.

Last but not least, we had  to bless the symbol for our work. The tyre, the shovel, the sledge hammer and the spirit level.