And so it goes.

Our work on the first Earthship-inspired guesthouse has started, and we are hard at work. So far we’ve gotten most of the foundations in, and started work on the 20m long bottle wall, going through roughly 20 000 bottles. curious? come join us!


Done Right II Construction-17 Done Right II Construction-13

Learning opportunity

One of the members of Earthship Cambodia (Sammy) is moving and rebuilding his guesthouse from Otres 1 to Otres Village (Sihanoukville). DoneRight (the guesthouse) was built before we had the opportunity to go to Taos and learn from the best.

Though not a School or an NGO this time, this gives us the opportunity to spread the knowledge on how to combine earthship techniques and Cambodian construction techniques into earthship-inspired buildings.

If you’re in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and you want to build your own earthship one day, or just want to learn how to make bottle bricks, work with sandbags, water and solar electrical systems, recycled or re-used materials, this is for you.

What we offer; A shared room (in an Earthship or Earthship-inspired building) or a space to hang your hammock on the same plot (first come first serve), and two meals per work-day (lunch and dinner, vegan/vegetarian options available). We also have our own kitchen on site.

What we expect; Simple really, for you to be interested, and willing to learn, and, of course, showing up on time! We work 5 days a week, 8-11:00 and 14-17:00.

We will be working parallell with a Cambodian work crew. Previous experience with building is positive, but not required. We will supply tools, though you should have a set of decent work clothes, and pair of shoes that cover your feet.

We start the work on the 27th of March, and will be working for a couple of months. we suggest you stay for a minimum of two weeks. We have 6 spots open.

Contact us on 097 936 1441 if in Cambodia, or email us.




Spreading Knowledge, 

Though we are certainly not an academy by any means, we received a visitor, Ohm, from Nepal.

Ohm has been building earthbag schools and houses for the earthquake disaster victims in his native Nepal, and he approached us and wanted to learn how to do what we do. He spent a month with us going through the different models, and the reasons why they differ, and what can, and can not be changed to accommodate the local requirements in his area.

We wish him luck with his great work, and we might be visiting him in the spring to assist in construction and planning.




Back to the red road,

For the last week, and for another few days, we’re in kampot building with The Red Road Foundation. We’re building a round house with plastic bottles stuffed with garbage, and we will be adding a rebar/chicken wire/textile/cement roof. We’re leaving the bottles visible on the outside to show people that you can build with garbage.. why pay good money for bricks when you got heaps of good materials to build with lying around? The building will be used to store tools, and it will also be a space to cut bottles into bricks and ashtrays etc..


13434774_479026342308169_6864859203325514191_n 13450280_479025378974932_6114285326250891529_n

Going Electric

As the new year ends, we’ve started getting a little greener by using electric cargo tricycles, and a couple of electric moto’s. We think that is the future of this beach, and will likely invest in more units, to prove to the people around us (from all nations) that not paying for gas and and being nice to mother earth goes hand in hand.


20151221_091221 20151221_091224

Red Road Complete!

We really loved working with the Red Road Foundation, and the resulting building certainly became something truly beautiful. With its school room at 72 square meters, and the two separate bathrooms and showers, its the biggest Earthship we’ve built yet! The back and side walls are tires, and the front face and part of the side is beautiful bottle walls that have become a bit of a landmark for us.


Sporting a 300w solar power system, and double roof for ventilation and sun-screen, it is the future of Earthships in rural Cambodia!


Below are a few pictures of the build.

10382066_10153536987474004_5749042613612720519_o 11113410_10153536991114004_2295623055121477581_o 11930820_10153536961574004_2474194411135408729_o 11942301_10153536983944004_4669295715546368358_o 11952752_388756431335161_1084022151688039373_o 11952761_10153536968169004_9096924133711036220_o 12000847_10153536964939004_3703475675096853864_o 12000847_10153536973474004_7378989289311037192_o 12006519_391052354438902_195528107967265546_o 12010673_388756338001837_2184614329177824726_o


Full speed ahead

We are now pretty plentiful in numbers, and we have started to work on e series of projects, the first one was a workshop and a teaching exercise for us on the island of Koh Rong. The school there is run by a series of enthusiasts under the name Friends of Koh Rong. Recently, some of the locals choose to build a series of bungalows looking over the school grounds, and FOKR decided it was time to start work on separating walls, and asked us to come over. We did, and worked for a weekend with showing FOKR and their volunteers, locals as well as foreigners how to make a wall foundation, and how to proceed to build a wall made from bottles that they collect from the local bars.


The second project we have been working on is solar power, as we have now increased our cooperation with Solar Energy Cambodia, becoming their local reseller of systems in our part of Cambodia. We have also installed a pilot system in a household half an hour outside of Kampong Trach, where power is not available. Two families can now enjoy Light, water pumps and the occasional bit of radio and TV, thus increasing their quality of life. We hope to continue to install more systems as the season progresses.



Last, but largest of our current projects we are working on the Norwegian earthship (the Tiltship), finishing of the tyre courses, and starting work on the dome-part in the next few days, come by and have a look, or help out if you wish!



A New Season Begins

As our crew starts to come back we are starting to plan the work we’ll be doing, being exited to start creating again, now that the weather will allow it!

For now we plan to build another Earthship on our land, for parts of our Norwegian crew, hopefully starting at the beginning of November.

We are also in contact with two NGO’s (Friends of Koh Rong and The Red Road Foundation) to do work through out the season, and we’re also looking at doing some work for local business owners, and keep the seminars going, and supporting the places who have started building with bottles and tires since our initial seminars.

We will unfortunately not be working with Let Us Create on the second phase of their build, and wish them luck and prosperity with their project.